“Clan Donald” is the name we use for all who proudly belong to the greatest and most wide spread Clan in the world. There are Clan Donald organizations in almost all parts of the world where family descendants, clan septs, dependants and persons interested have forgathered to celebrate or research their common heritage.

These pages help you to find information about our Clan, the chiefs of the different branches and their officers and the Clan Donald organizations world-wide.

  Clan Donald Europe (CDE) is a non-profit foundation that co-ordinates organizations and people who form, or wish to become, a part of the Clan because of their descent, their links, vested interests or study.

CDE brings together the clan family “clubs”, gives its advice and guidance in genealogical and heraldic research, helps with the founding or managing of new initiatives within the Clan, publicizes and exchanges data and generally supports all undertakings on the clan or its members.


The officers of Clan Donald Europe are elected from the representatives of the national organizations in Europe and from those appointed by CDE in certain countries and/or areas.

A foundation like Clan Donald Europe does not have members, but it centrally registers all those who want to become members and forwards the information to the appropriate Commissioner or organization.


Membership of any of the organizations is open to persons who qualify by surname, descent or marriage, either from the Clan, its branches or adherents . Associate membership is usually possible on request. Annual dues may vary per country or organization.

CDE realizes that a lot of information is to be found on the internet, so you can find links to websites with specific Clan Donald information at this site and they are also included in the folder.

Having no members also means having no funds. Those organizations who would like to support or sponsor us can apply to become supporting or donating members of Clan Donald Europe. Any personal donation will always be very welcome, of course. Ask us for any details on such a transaction from your country of residence or give in person where you got this leaflet. Your donation will be published on the website soonest, anonymous if you so prefer.


Clan Donald Europe always appreciates your interest in us, the questions you have. We thank you for your visit and, please, keep in touch with us. 

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